Which is The FPGA Compilation Tool For The cRIO 9022?

Updated Dec 23, 2023

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  • cRIO-9022
  • cRIO-9112

Issue Details

I have a Real-Time Controller cRIO 9022 with a NI 9113 and I’m not able to find the respective compilation tools for this controller, how can I know the software compatible with my cRIO 9022?


The first thing that you need consider is that this cRIO 9022 is a Real-Time controller, this Hardware doesn’t have FPGA. The FPGA is in the CompactRIO chassis. 

To find the software to compile the code on your cRIO FPGA, you have to:
  1. Find the model of chassis that is connected to the Real-Time controller. You can use this document to find it, the model of the chassis will be next to the serial number.
  2. Refer to the section 3 of this compatibility document, where is reported the minimum compilation tools version and its supported devices.

Additional Information

Review CompactRIO Controller & Chassis Mounting Accessories to see particular information about your Controllers and Chassis.