Error -307735 Occurs When Using CompactRIO Chassis in Veristand

Updated Apr 18, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Chassis
  • NI-9265


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I want to deploy an application in VeriStand 2011 or later using a NI-92XX with a CompactRIO. Veristand cannot find the DAQ target, however, and error -307735 occurs. Is there any way to solve this problem?


NI Veristand does not support NI-92XX because NI Veristand natively supports the following types of NI DAQ devices (refer to the Related Links section if you want to get detail):
  • Multifunction I/O (MIO) like the NI 63xx, NI 62xx, NI 61xx and NI 60xxE
  • Counter/Timer (TIO) like the NI 66xx
  • Digital I/O (DIO) like the NI 650x, NI 651x and NI 652x
  • SCXI
But there is one you can use NI-92XX with CompactRIO in Veristand indirectly. Veristand Scan Engine and EtherCAT Add-On is sort of Custom Device and allows users to easily read scanned I/O from C series modules located in a ComapactRIO, NI 9144 or NI 9145 EtherCAT chassis. Using this Add-On, Veristand can get the target CompactRIO chassis as well as slots such as NI-92XX on the Custom Devices section in System Definition File.

The NI Veristand Scan Engine and EtherCAT Add-On should be installed with NI-Industrial Communication for EtherCAT driver. So if you want to use the above, please do not forget to install NI-Industrial Communication for EtherCAT driver. 
After installing drivers, NI Veristand 2011 or later can find DAQ target with CompactRIO chassis on Custom Devices.

Additional Information

You can download NI Veristand Scan Engine and EtherCAT Add-On for Veristand 2011 or later by referring to the following link: NI Veristand Add-On: Scan Engine and EtherCAT custom device .
After installing, you should put downloaded folder to Custom Device folder. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI VeriStand 20XX\Custom Devices. (XX refer to your VeriStand version)
From VeriStand 2018, this Add-On is included in the installer of VeriStand.

There is another link for Error -307735 and error codes with description. Please refer to Related Links.