What Is the Correct Diagram Pinout for the USB-6289?

Updated Apr 24, 2023

Reported In


  • USB-6289
  • PCI-6289
  • PXI-6289

Issue Details

I'm checking the device specifications manual of my USB device to find the pinout diagram of it, but in the manual, there are two diagrams with a different distribution of the pins between them and I don't know which is one is the correct one.


The NI USB-6289 has also a PCI/PXI version of it, in the manual you are going to find the pinout of both, the USB version and the PCI/PXI version.

In the manual you can check that above the diagrams, the title of the image specifies to which type of device corresponds the image.

Additional Information

Be careful when buying your NI 6289 device and similar, as each type (USB, PCI, PXI) have their own part number. For example:

  • USB-6289 - Part Number: 780056-01
  • PCI-6289 - Part Number: 779111-01
  • PXI-6289 - Part Number: 779123-01