Why Can't I Find A2_PcdEmulStab For EMV 3.0 Stage 2 Lab Tool Qualification?

Updated May 26, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories


HW : CTS 2
SW : MPManager 3.7.2
        EMV PICC Analog/RF test suites v3.7.1

Issue Details

I am trying to start the EMV v3.0 PICC qualification, but I cannot find the A2_PcdEmulStab item in the Test Suite.

How can I proceed?


We deleted A2_PcdEmulStab in EMV PICC Analog test suite v3.0.1 (latest certified version) because we do not provide the necessary tools to complete it.

If you wish to perform this test, it will be necessary to use separate tools from the CTS.

From (section 6.2.3; "PICC Analogue Qualification Requirements, Version 3.0a"), A2_PcdEmulStab requires 15.5 Vpp 13.56 MHz carrier frequency on 50Ω load for a while to get results.

- The MPRFA Amplifier in the CTS is able to reach this power.
- Normal oscilloscope connector only allows limite up to 5 Vrms signal on 50Ω configuration. (So does the Picoscope in the CTS, that's why we need separate tools).
- Laboratories should use separate tools, and follow the steps describe in P41, section 4.3 MAN03137 - EMVCo Contactcless PICC Analog Tests - Certification guide - Rev K, to fihinish this tests with CTS components and separate tools.


What is "separate tools" ?

There are 2 workaround suggestions for this kind of tool.

1. Use a 50Ω which can endure 15.5Vpp 13.56 MHz sine wave power for a long time (which means recommand 3W 50Ω load). Measure the voltage by Picoscope with 1M high impedance porbe and measure the voltage between this 50Ω load as a voltmeter.

2. Use a high power oscilloscope on which connectors can endure 15.5Vpp 13.56MHz signal
(Caution : Most of oscilloscope cannot reach this value, inappropriate connection might damage the equipment).