Vision Builder AI Run-Time Available Features

Updated Oct 20, 2022

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  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

I am using the Vision Builder for Automated Inspection run-time version to deploy inspections. What features are not available with the licensed run-time that come with the full version?


The run-time version allows you to run inspections and modify the control values for steps in an inspection; however, it does not allow you to add or remove steps from an inspection.  A full list of available features are listed below.

Available Features:
  • Open inspections in either Inspection or Configuration interfaces
  • Run inspections in both interfaces
  • Edit controls in steps already in the inspection
  • Save and Save As...Inspection capabilities
  • Edit transitions between states
Not Available Features:
  • Add new steps, states, and transitions to the inspection
  • Delete existing steps, states, and transitions from the inspection
  • Create new inspections
Vision Builder AI run-time is the same installer as the full version of Vision Builder AI, it just requires a different serial number to activate certain aspects of the software. This can create a problem for the user, as it might activate the full version of Vision Builder AI as an evaluation version. To remove that evaluation version and just have the activated copy of the run-time, you can remove the .lic file associated with the evaluation copy and just keep the run-time .lic file.

To do this, navigate to C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\License Manager\Licenses and remove the VisionBuilderAI...license files that are not named VisionBuilderAI_RT_PKG....

Now the only option that should appear in NI License Manager is the Vision Builder AI run-time.