How Can I Measure LMA with External Oscilloscope?

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • Micropross Accessories



  • Micropross MP500TCL3 or PT1 / PICC-PCD Simulation ANT


  • HW: PICOSCOPE 6000 series or General Oscilloscope

My MP500TCL3(or PT1) doesn’t have “Advanced Analog Measurement Option”.
In case How can I measure LMA with external oscilloscope?

The Advanced Analog Measurement Option is allowed to use internal scope in order to measure Field Strength, LMA(Load Modulation Amplitude), PCD WaveForm. 

If user want to measure LMA without Advanced Analog Measurement Option,
Follow the following steps to measure it:  

1. Make simple transaction script by MPManager3
  •  Example for Type A 
  • Example for Type B


2. Adjust parameter value as your DUT 

  • RF Field applied level
  • Select RX Channel – Analog IN
  • Enable/Disable Spy command as you want
  • CLTO 1 3 0 : TRIG1 port set as Logic”0” when TX OUT


3.Hardware Configuration 

  • External DSO(Digital Oscilloscope)
  • MP500TCL3(or PT1)
  • PICC-PCD Simulation ANT
  • SMA T-Bridge, CONNECTORs


  • ANALOG IN(MP500) à SMA T-Bridge à CH A(DSO) : Using DSO Probe
  • ANALOG IN(MP500) à SMA T-Bridge à ANALOG IN(PICC-PCD Simulation ANT)
  • TX/RX(MP500) à TX/RX(PICC-PCD Simulation ANT)
  • AUX1(MP500) à HDMI CABLE à TCL3 HDMI(PICC-PCD Simulation ANT)
  • TRIG1(MP500) à CH B or CH C (DSO)

  • Set Trigger Condition of DSO (CH C)
  • Trigger Run : Auto or Single


  • RUN Test Script by MPManager3
  • Capture the proper area with DSO

  • Zoom IN for Detail View


  • Vertical Scale: Adjust (e.g. 200mV) , Time division: 1ms/div
  • Measure Vp-p as LMA