How Can I Duplicate an MPManager Script with Remote Commands?

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • Micropross Accessories

I have an MPManager script that performs a test on my device. I would like to know what remote commands the MP500 is receiving so I can implement this script directly outside of MPManager with the same remote commands.

How can I do this?

MPManager keeps a continuous log of remote commands it sends and receives with the MP500 TCL3 in a text file on your PC. You can activate this log and observe which remote commands are being sent in support of your test script. 

Follow these steps to access the list of remote commands being generated by MPManager:

1) In MPManager, click on SETTINGS > script/log and set "log file enabled" to on
2) Navigate to the location you see in the dialog box (usually C:\Users<user>\Documents\MPManager)
3) Once there, delete the MPComLog.log file if it exists
4) Prepare the exact sequence of commands you with to duplicate with remote commands in MPManager
5) Run the script steps
6) Open the MPComLog.log file and it will give you an exact transcription of the remote commands sent back and forth to the instrument