Convert Numeric Channels to Waveform Channels in DIAdem

Updated May 10, 2023



  • DIAdem

How do I convert to waveform channels from numeric channels or vice versa in DIAdem?

Channels can be converted back and forth from numeric to waveform channels by using the Numeric Channels <-> Waveform Channels functionality on the ANALYSIS tab.  
  1. From the ANALYSIS tab, select the NumericChannels <-> Waveform Channels icon
  1. Select the channel to be converted and the conversion mode, either from numeric to waveform or waveform to numeric. If you are converting from numeric channel to waveform channel, you will need to select the X-channel you wish to use.  This is is often the time channel. 
  1. Click OK.
The channel type is denoted by the icon next to the channel name in the data portal. In the image below, the first highlighted channel is of numeric type and the second highlighted channel is of waveform type.  

For further information on the conversion function, please look at this manual (Numeric Channels <-> Waveform Channels - DIAdem Help )