Is There a Spring 2019 Software Platform Bundle Installer?

Updated Jun 27, 2019

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  • Software Platform Bundle

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I am looking to download the Spring 2019 NI Software Platform Bundle Installer, but the download size is only 3.64 MB whereas the older versions are on average 55 GB. There is a choice for an offline installer, but I do not want that. Where can I find the full download for this Platform Bundle? 


National Instruments is migrating towards the use of NI Package Manager to install, upgrade, and manage all of your NI software. This program serves as a centralized location to access all of your NI software which eliminates the process of locating different programs in different locations on your computer. 

Instructions on installing your Spring 2019 Software Platform Bundle (and future versions): 
  1. Download the Software Platform Bundle from the National Instruments website.
    • If a windows pops up with the message "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to you device?" Select Yes.
    • This will open up the following window from NI Package Manager: 
  1. Select the Programming Environments, Application Software, Add-Ons, and Drivers you would like included in the download and click Next
  2. Select any additional items to install and click Next
  3. After completing the next few screens, the installation of your software will automatically begin. 

If you already have NI Package Manager installed on your computer, you may also install the Software Platform Bundle and other programs this way: 
  1. Open NI Package Manager
  2. Under the Browse Products tab, click on Software Suites and find Software Platform Bundle.
  3. Select your preferred bitness and click INSTALL


Additional Information

Before installing the Software Platform Bundle, check that you have enough memory allocated to the location in which the files are being saved. If you do not have enough memory the installation will fail.