How Can I Access the Internal Counters on My CompactRIO?

Updated Jun 14, 2019

Issue Details

In my cRIO's specifications sheet I see that it has counters but they are not showing up in my LabVIEW project. I am also unable to access these counters in my FPGA target. How can I access these counters in my LabVIEW application.


  • These counters where added to the cRIO devices of the following series to add support for DAQmx applications: cRIO 904X and cRIO 905X. 
  • You can only access these counters in DAQmx tasks on your Real-Time target.

Additional Information

  • You can get access to the internal counters in these chassis the same way that you access them in a Compact DAQ chassis.
  • The cRIO must have the DAQmx Real-Time Support loaded correctly.
  • If you're unable to access the counters even with DAQmx loaded in the cRIO, you'll need to reinstall DAQmx in your host computer and reload DAQmx to the cRIO.
  • You can find if your device supports DAQmx on the driver's readme.