Show String or Ring on VeriStand UI Manager

Updated May 24, 2019

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I have a VeriStand project and I am using the UI Manager for my user interface. 
I want to display a string on the GUI, either as a String, Ring or Enum. I can not find an option to do this.


You can use Ring indicators to display text on your GUI. 
A Ring takes a numeric value, and displays the string accosted with that numeric value. 

To use a Ring to display text, follow these steps:

1. Open the UI Manager you wish edit
2. Click on the Pull Down section and select a Ring. If the 
3. Place the Ring on the UI Manager and make sure you can see the item properties on the right hand side of the screen
4. Scroll to the bottom of the properties and change the Behaviour to indicator
5. Map the Ring to a numeric channel by clicking the mapping button

6. Untick Populate with channel data so you can manually add the strings to output depending on the numeric.
7. If you want to add your own numeric values that map to strings, rather than the default equal to order, untick Value equal to order
8.. You can now click the + button to add strings  and numeric values