How to Restore a myRIO to Factory Defaults When It Is Not Recognized by the Computer.

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • CompactRIO Chassis
  • myRIO Student Embedded Device


  • LabVIEW myRIO Software Bundle
  • LabVIEW myRIO Toolkit
  • C Support for myRIO


  • NI-RIO



My myRIO is is not recognized when i plug it into any of my computer's USB port. Otherwise it seems to be working normally (Power LED lit up). I might have deployed a start-up application previously.


Please install the most recent myRIO drivers and NI System Configuration software from these locations:

Step-by-Step Factory Restore Guide

Please follow the following steps to restore a non-recognized myRIO to factory defaults:
  1. Attach your myRIO to your PC via USB cable. If possible, please use one of the USB-ports on the back of your PC.
  2. Start NI-MAX.
  3. Right-click "Remote Systems" and select "Troubleshoot Remote Systems" .
  1. In the next dialog, select myRIO and your myRIO model. 
  1. Wait for automatic check of the required software package and click "Next".
  2. Wait for the firewall check to complete and click "Next".
  3. Wait for the device scan to complete. If you get an error during this step, please make sure you have the most recent version of NI System configuration installed (link in prerequisites above).
  4. If your myRIO is not listed, make sure the "My system was not detected" checkbox is checked and click "Next".
  1. Answer the questions in the next dialog
  1. Follow the myRIO resetting instructions in the next dialog and check the boxes after performing each step (similar to screenshot)
  1. Your myRIO should reboot and the original USB autostart dialog should appear.