How to Use the Folder Configured when I Created the Executable File in Project Explorer

Updated Jun 5, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I added the Word1 and Word2 folders to the Project Explorer and put the configuration files (Index1.docx, Index2.docx) in each folder.

If I create an executable file and check it out, the configuration files are not included in the Word1 and Word2 folders, but are included in the data folder as shown below.

How do I use the folders I set in the Project Explorer?


When you create an executable file, you cannot keep the folder you configured in the Project Explorer, but merge it into the data folder because defaults are set so that all files in the Destinations of the Build application properties are merged into the data folder.
If you want to keep the folders that the dictionary has configured after creating the executable file, you must follow some procedures in the Build application properties. Proceed in the following order.
  1. In the Source File section, add the Main VI to Startup Vis and add the files you want to add to Always Included. At this time, do not add the entire folder, indicating that the file is included in the folder.
  1. In the Destination section, click Add Destination to add a Destination and create a folder name in the Destination label
  1. In the Source File Settings section, select the file and select the folder you want to place the selected file in the Destination enumeration.
  1. Click Build to create the executable file.

​​​​​​​After you complete the above steps, check the executable folder that was created. As shown in the figures below, the Word1 and Word2 folders configured in the Project Explorer will be created and you can see that the desired file is in the folder.