I Need a License for MPManager

Updated Oct 21, 2021



  • Micropross Accessories


SW: MPManager version 3.3.2 (and later)

I need to register MPManager software on my computer.

How do I get a license and what do I need to provide?

You first need to download MPManager. You can follow this link to have the download process. 

In order to register MPManager, the end-user has to provide an activation code.  
At MPManager startup, click on Register.

Then, you need to create an activation request on our website with the indicated request code, your email, and a serial number of an NI-Micropross device (MP3.XX.XX.XXXX or MP5.XX.XX.XXXX or M07.XX.XX.XXXX).

In order to create the activation request, you need to follow those steps:

- Register or create your account on ni.com
- Register a product under an active maintenance contract or SSP on this page.
- Navigate to ni.com/ask ​​​​​.
- Click on the Activate button as below:


- Then, do not enter a serial number, click on Next button as below :


- Search for MPManager software in the Software field.


- On the next page, complete the fields shown with the different needed information (Request code, your email, and a serial number of an NI-Micropross device)



After the activation request case has been created you will receive an activation code from our activation department that you will have to copy-paste in the registration window. 




After having applied the registration code provided, MPManager will be registered on your computer.

Note that if you update MPManager with a newer version, you do not have to register again MPManager.