I Need a License for MPManager

Updated Oct 29, 2020



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SW: MPManager version (3.3.2) until actual version (3.8.0)

I need to register a license for my sofware MPManager 3.X

How do I obtain a license and what do I need to provide?

In order to receive a license, you will need to provide the serial number of your device and the register code.

You can find the register code from the MPManager software, click on the Register button and you will see the register code you need to provide. This consists of 15 digits.

Once you have the above required information, you can send an email to mp-helpdesk@ni.com. You will receive an email with the license.

You will have to insert the provided license (the 2 lines) in the window under the register code.

Additional Information

The serial number of : 
- TC3 / C2 / C3 begin by MP3
- MP007 begins by M07
- TCL3 begins by MP5