Why Do I Get Error 59 When Trying to Install Software to a Real-Time System?

Updated Jun 4, 2019

Issue Details

When I try to install software on my Real-Time (RT) system I receive Error 59. What does this mean and how do I prevent it from happening?


Error 59 can occur when attempting to install software on an RT target when there are conflicting IP addresses between the RT target and the Windows host.  This can happen if more than one computer is using the same IP address. 

This can be resolved by setting both targets to use DHCP (if connected through a router or network) or assigning each target a static IP address.  If you would like to assign static IP addresses, first make sure that the IP addresses you select are available.  The easiest way to check address availability is to use the ping command from the Windows command prompt.

To access the Windows command prompt,
  1. Open the Run Window by clicking Start » Run.
  2. Type cmd.
  3. In the prompt window, type ping <IP address> .
If there is already a machine with the IP address, you will see the message similar to: 

Reply from <IP address>: bytes = 32 time<1ms TTL=60

If you see Request timed out or Destination Host Unreachable, the IP address is available to use.

If your RT target is already configured with a conflicting IP address, reset the IP address and reconfigure it in Measurement & Automation Explorer.  Refer to NI CompactRIO or Network Device Doesn't Show Up or is Missing in MAX for instructions on doing this.