FPGA Memory Items SubVIs Broken Wires

Updated Oct 25, 2019

Issue Details

  • When I use defined memory items in a sub-VI on my FPGA target and I change the memory type wired into the sub-VI I get broken wires.
  • I cannot change the memory type going into my sub-VI control.
  • I am following this help documentation and getting a broken wire.


When the control/indicator is placed in the subVI, it is created with the data type that it is wired with. 
To change this you need to:
  1. Go into the subVI and right click on the controls/indicator that has the broken wire in the main VI. 
  2. Select Configure Memory Type
  3. Change the data type to match what is being wired into the subVI.
  4. Save and close the subVI and the error wire should be fixed.