NI-XNET Compatibility With cRIO-904x and cRIO-905x

Updated Jun 1, 2020

Reported In


  • cRIO-9057
  • cRIO-9056
  • cRIO-9054
  • cRIO-9053
  • cRIO-9047
  • cRIO-9040
  • cRIO-9048
  • cRIO-9043
  • cRIO-9046


  • NI-XNET 17.5
  • NI-XNET 19.1

Issue Details

I am trying to use NI-XNET modules with a cRIO-904x or cRIO-905x, but when I add them to the project, it says that the software installed is incompatible, or they don't appear in the list of available C Series modules for Real-Time Scan Resources, Real-Time Resources or the FPGA target. I have  LabVIEW Real-Time and NI-XNET installed on my cRIO. How I do to fix this issue?


NI-XNET hardware (such as NI 986x) requires the correct version of LabVIEW Real Time, the CompactRIO drivers, as well as the NI-XNET version to be installed on the cRIO-904x or cRIO-905x. The correct NI-XNET versions are:
  • NI-XNET 17.5.1 (or later) includes support for the cRIO 904x
  • NI-XNET 19.1 (or later) includes support for the cRIO 905x
The NI-XNET drivers can be downloaded from download page. Double check in the Readme to confirm the cRIO is support by the driver version.  

Additional Information

Note: NI-986x modules will only be usable in Real-Time mode, and no bit stream is necessary.