Can the USB-6525 Output Voltage to a 24V Input Valve?

Updated Apr 24, 2023

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  • USB-6525

Issue Details

I want to use the output of the USB-6525 as an input to a valve for my application, however, the valve needs an input of 24V as its input.
  • Is the voltage produced by P0 (Port 0) or the output ports fixed?
  • Can the voltage produced by the P0 or the output ports be modified to supply 24V to the input of the valve?


The output ports or P0 for USB-6526 work like a relay as can be seen from the figure below.
In order to provide a Vout of 24V, an external supply of 24V must also be given to the port either P0.xA or P0.xB. Ensure that the internal relay of the port is set to Low. If the internal relay of the port is set to High, the Vout will give out a reading of 0V due to the close circuit configuration.

Additional Information

Do note that when connecting the output port to an inductive load, it is recommended to add a flyback diode to the connection as below.

Since an inductive load cannot change its current instantly, the flyback diode provides a path for the current when the output ports are set to High. Otherwise, a voltage spike will occur causing arcing on switch contacts or possibly destroying the load.