I Have a Connection Error in ADC Calibration of NFC Forum Analog Test Suite

Updated Mar 25, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW: MPMANAGER 3, NFC Forum Analog Test Suite
HW: Adlink 9820

Issue Details

Running ADC Calibration Setup, I have the following error.

In Windows Device Manager, my device is recognized but with a warning code 10.

What can I do to fix the error?


This issue could have several root causes. Here are 2 ways of solving this issue:

  • Hardware Issue (not for CTS user)

    1. Shut down you computer

    2. Remove the ADlink card

    3. Restart your computer

    4. Shut down you computer again

    5. Insert the ADlink Card

    6. Restart your computer again


  • Driver issue

    1. Uninstall the WDDask driver

    2. Restart your computer

    3. Download the attached Driver and install it.

    4. Restart your computer.

If both of those solution didn't worked, please contact NI NFC support team at mp-helpdesk@ni.com