Setting First Sampleclock When Property on FieldDAQ Connected to CompactRIO Produces Error -209836

Updated Jun 5, 2019

Issue Details

I have my FieldDAQ in a daisy-chain with a TSN-enabled CompactRIO. I need to set the FirstSampClk.When property because I'm running DSA tasks on both targets, and I want to synchronize them. When I try to set this property, the property node produces error -209836.


This behavior is due to a known issue with the CompactRIO driver. The reference number of the known issue is 734612. This number will appear in the Bug Fix List of the release in which it has been addressed.

This issue can be worked around by following the steps listed below:
  1. Explicitly set the timescale of all devices to I/O Device Time by specifying the FirstSampClk.Timescale property to I/O Device Time and setting the Sample and Timebase Rates to match the settings below.
2. Explicitly set the FirstSampTimestamp.Timescale property to I/O Device Time
This will prevent the FirstSampClk.When property node from producing error -209836, and will restore full functionality of the property.