Error: Property Node (arg1) in VISA Configure Serial Port

Updated Apr 19, 2024

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

  • I am getting the message "Error: Property Node (arg 1) in VISA Configure Serial Port" in my VI. What input is arg1 associated with?
  • I get an error like the one below when running my VI. What input to the VISA Configure Serial Port is causing this error?


Each input to the VISA Configure Serial Port VI corresponds to a different arg # in the error message. They are listed in the table below.
arg #Input
arg 1timeout
arg 2baud rate
arg 3data bits
arg 4stop bits
arg 5parity
arg 6enable termination char
arg 7termination char
arg 8flow control

Additional Information

In some cases, an invalid VISA resource name into the VISA Configure Serial Port VI will result in an error message pointing to arg 1. Ensure that your VISA resource name is valid if the timeout input does not seem to be the cause of the error.