NI-9862 Firmware Update Message on Different Host PC

Updated Jun 10, 2019

Reported In


  • NI-9862


  • NI-XNET 18.5

Issue Details

I am using two host PCs for a cDAQ chassis with NI-9862. I recently upgraded NI-XNET version to 18.5 on a PC. After upgrade, I see a message that requires firmware update whenever I connect to a different host PC. Why is this happened?


Since NI-XNET 18.5, firmware file has been updated and the new firmware file is included in XNET 18.5. You can verify it from the name of the firmware on NI-MAX.
For example, under NI-XNET 18.0, you can update the firmware version of 16121416. On the other hand, under NI-XNET 18.5, the firmware version is 18061914.

Therefore, you can either upload all versions of the host PCs' NI-XNET above 18.5 or keep all versions of NI-XNET under 18.0 to avoid updating the firmware.