NI Camera File Generator Error: Cannot Detect Valid Timing Signals

Updated Jul 9, 2019

Reported In


  • PCIe-1427
  • PCIe-1433

Issue Details

I am trying to generate a camera file using the NI Camera File Generator to use with my NI Camera Link frame grabber card and Camera Link camera but I am getting the following error:

Cannot detect valid timing signals. Make sure the camera is turned on, outputting video (not waiting for a trigger), and connected correctly.


In a previous instance, this error was due to the camera link cable in use. To check whether this is causing the error please try the following steps:
  1. Check the cable being used is compatible with the camera you're using.
  2. Check the cable connections are secure.
  3. Try swapping out the cable for an equivalent one to see whether it is the cable itself that is no longer working.
  4. Try routing the cable through in a different way. In previous cases there has been evidence of interference that had a negative effect on the cable.
This issue can also be due to camera settings that are different than the tap geometry in the camera file:
  1. Try different Tap Configuration Orientations to see if those are able to complete a snap.
  2. Check via the camera manufacture's software that the camera is set to be able to allow for the selected tap configuration.  For example, for a E2V camera, you will have to check CommCam to make sure the CameraLink Geometry is set appropriately.