Acquiring an Analog Signal using ELVIS III Oscilloscope

Updated Mar 27, 2023

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  • LabVIEW
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Issue Details

I want to acquire an analogue signal programmatically in LabVIEW using an ELVIS III board. I am able to do so from the AI pins, but is it possible to acquire the data from the oscilloscope module instead?


It is possible to acquire analogue input signal data programmatically in LabVIEW using the ELVIS III Oscilloscope VIs installed with the LabVIEW ELVIS III Toolkit.

One way to do this is as follows:
  1. Upon Launching LabVIEW, create a project, and then select "NI ELVIS III" from the list of templates, and then "NI ELVIS III Project". This is explained in more detail in the following link: Creating an NI ELVIS III Project .
  2. After creating the project, create a new VI under the ELVIS III target, in which the oscilloscope will be programmed.
To program the ELVIS III oscilloscope, the oscilloscope VIs can be found in the Functions palette under Academic I/O » Instruments » Oscilloscope.

More details can be found on how to program the ELVIS III Oscilloscope in LabVIEW in the "Additional Information" section below.  

Additional Information

  1. Start by initializing the oscilloscope and specifying the ELVIS III target's IP address, using the "Scope Initialize" VI.
  2. Then from the Configuration subpallette, you can use the "Scope Configure Analogue Channel" VI to enable and configure the desired oscilloscope channel to be used.
  3. After that, you can setup timing configurations such as sample rate and acquisition time(s) using the "Scope Configure Timing" VI, found under the Configuration subpalette.
  4. Then run the oscilloscope using the "Scope Run" VI.
  5. Obtain the readings using the "Scope Read" VI.
  6. Finally, stop, reset, and close the oscilloscope using the "Scope Stop", "Scope Reset Instrument", and "Scope Close" VIs. 

After running this VI you will be able to acquire signals and view them on the front panel waveform graph indicator: 

You can use the context help or LabVIEW help to know more about the functionality of the ELVIS III oscilloscope VIs.