Unable to Detect the NI cDAQ-9188 With MTU Set Greater Than 1500

Updated May 21, 2019

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  • cDAQ-9188

Issue Details

I have an NI cDAQ-9188 Ethernet Chassis and am working a 100 Mbit Ethernet network. I am trying to set the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to a value greater than 1500 (a Jumbo Frame). After setting the value, for example to 1520 MTU, when I hit save and reboot, the NI cDAQ-9188 is now unreachable. I can't communicate with the chassis at all. 

How do I fix and avoid this?


For networks less than a Gigabit, Jumbo Frames are unsupported. This is why 1500 MTU is the default setting. Anything greater results in a communication failure. 

In order to restore communication to your chassis, press and hold the chassis reset button for 5 seconds or longer before releasing. This causes the network settings to be reset to factory defaults, including network configuration settings such as IP, hostname and DHCP configuration, and web configuration authorization profiles. The chassis then reboots and all running tasks are aborted. 

The cDAQ-9188 should now be reachable. Be sure to return to an MTU setting that is supported by your network, specifically 1500 or less.


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