Can I Use the 7'' Amulet Screen with a cRIO?

Updated Feb 16, 2022

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  • Amulet Technologies 4.3 in.

Issue Details

I see that NI sells the Amulet Technologies 4.3'' display to use as an HMI in embedded control systems. Can the 7'' version of the touchscreen also be used?


The NI driver for Amulet works with multiple screen sizes. It is built upon the NI-VISA driver and and communicates with the display via RS-232.

Some of the currently supported screens are:
  • MK-480272C (Sold by NI)
  • MK-070R
  • MK-CY-043
  • MK-CY-043MT
  • MK-070C-HP
This is recorded in Amulet Technologies's API help documentation installed with the driver. For information regarding screens not listed, contact Amulet Technologies Support.


Additional Information

The API is only compatible with Amulet displays and is not compatible with other screens. Amulet uses a fairly custom protocol on top of serial to send control, indicator and graph data between the host and the display that will not be compatible with other brands.