LabVIEW Developer Suite DS2 is Looking for DS1 or Vise Versa When Building Installer

Updated May 14, 2019

Issue Details

I am trying to build an installer in LabVIEW, however I keep receiving dialog message saying some installers are missing such as NI USI 1x.x.x. I have referred to the troubleshooting guide when encountering Select Source dialog message.

The problem is Select Source dialog message is asking different version of LabVIEW Developer Suite DVD. I am using LabVIEW 201x DS1, but LabVIEW is asking for DS2 or vise versa. Inserting DS1 DVD into the drive will not solve this issue.

Since I do not have DS2 disk, how can I resolve this issue?


You can resolve this issue through one of the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Repair or force reinstall your LabVIEW Developer Suite.

2. Install driver or toolkit that includes NI USI 1x.x.x component.

LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit, DIAdem, LabWindows/CVI or DataFinder Server Edition use a shared software component of NI USI. Therefore, you can find the missing installer by installing separately one of the toolkit that corresponds to your LabVIEW Version. Please refer to the link below on which version of toolkit that is included in each LabVIEW Developer Suite.