Error -1074000000 While Initializing Keithley Device Using VISA Functions

Updated May 20, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I am having trouble running "Keithley 2600 Series Read Current" which is included with the downloaded driver for Ethernet connection, which was found via NI-MAX. There are no troubles with locating the device via NI-MAX and sending commands via the Test Panel. However, when I try to run the VI I get Error -1074000000.



In this case the error is caused by the timeout of one of the VISA functions. To resolve the error you will need to use Debugging Tools in LabVIEW:
  1. Click the Highlight Execution button in the Block Diagram Toolbar.
  2. Step through the execution to identify the function where the error originates. (NOTE: it might happen that the error will not occur while stepping through the execution but repeating this a couple of time should cause the error to occur again).


 3. Create a Flat Sequence Structure around the function which generates the error.

 4. Add Wait (ms) function inside the Flat Sequence Structure with 100-500 ms wait time.

This will give the instrument time to finish what it was doing before the next interaction.

If you are using a GPIB device, please refer to the related article for more troubleshooting steps.