Changing the IRQ and DMA Settings of a GPIB-USB Device

Updated Jun 11, 2019

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Can I change the IRQ and DMA settings of my GPIB-USB device?


The IRQ and DMA settings are not configurable resources for the GPIB-USB. With the older GPIB boards, like the AT-GPIB/TNT, you had to reserve the appropriate resource (like DMA, IRQ, and IO Addresses) in Device Manager to make sure no conflicts existed. 

With Plug-and-Play device busses, such as PCI and USB, the Operating System and the USB host controller detects the board and gives it the resources to use. So, if you add more hardware, the OS will dynamically figure out which resources to give the new piece of hardware. These resources can be seen by looking in Device Manager in Windows. The following Properties window displays the resources for the PCIe-GPIB+.

DMA is taken care of dynamically, so the resources for it do not populate. These resources should not be changed to protect against possible resource conflicts. The following Properties window for GPIB-USB-HS displays the resources. Notice that no resources exist (just like any other USB device). The OS and the driver take care of this, so you do not have to.


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