Add 3rd Party DLL as Part of Labview Installer

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • LabVIEW

Besides including National Instruments software as part of my LabVIEW installer, can I include third party DLL as well?

To add any 3rd party .dll to an installer,
  1. make sure the .dll is added to the project, Right-click My Computer in the Project Explorer Window and click Add > File.
  2. Create an exe Build Specification by right-clicking Build Specifications on the Project Explorer Window and clicking New > Application(EXE).
  3. Select the DLL file as Always Included under the Source Files Tab.
  4. After building the application, right click Build Specifications >> New >> Installer to create the installer.
  5. The DLL should appear as part of the Application under the Source Files tab.
  1. Build Installer.
The Installer should install all files that are included as part of the application.