Add 3rd Party DLL or File as Part of a LabVIEW-Built Installer

Updated Jul 1, 2021



  • LabVIEW

Besides including National Instruments software as part of my LabVIEW installer, can I include a third-party DLL or additional files as well to be part of the installation?

To add any 3rd party DLL to a LabVIEW-built installer please follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that the DLL or additional files are added to the project by right-clicking on My Computer in the Project Explorer Window and clicking Add >> File.
  2. Create an exe build specification by right-clicking on Build Specifications in the Project Explorer Window and clicking New >> Application(EXE).
  3. Select the DLL file or file that wish to add as Always Included under the Source Files Tab.
  4. After building the application, right-click on Build Specifications >> New >> Installer to create the installer.
  5. The DLL should appear as part of the Application under the Source Files tab.
  1. Build Installer.

The LabVIEW-generated installer should copy the files that are included as part of the application to the selected destination folder.