NI Package Files Do Not Deploy to 'Temp' Directory

Updated Mar 5, 2020

Reported In


  • Package Manager

Issue Details

I am building .nipkg files from NI Package Manager through the Command Line Interface. The installation directory is set to "%TEMP%\NIPackageManager" - i.e., the temporary directory. However, I notice that no files are present in this directory after installation. How can I resolve this issue?


While it is possible to deploy files to the temporary directory, these files are deleted after installation is complete. 

The below excerpt is from the latest NI Package Manager manual:

"Package Manager deletes files installed in this folder after the package installation completes. Therefore, use this root only for customExecute paths. Do not use this root with a customExecute that runs the uninstall step."


Additional Information

Such a temp location is typically used for running CustomExecute steps like triggering an exe post install - the temporary directory can hold this exe and post its operation and the package installation, the directory will be deleted