Which Type of Full-Bridge Equation Should I Use When Measuring a Torque?

Updated Dec 13, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-4220
  • PXIe-4330
  • PXIe-4331
  • PXIe-4339

Issue Details

I want to measure torque using PXI-4220 with a full-bridge sensor. However, in the PXI-4220 user manual, it does not say which type of full-bridge equation I have to use for torque. Which type of full-bridge equation should I use?


You need to use a full-bridge 1 equation. (If you do not know about a full-bridge 1 equation, please refer to this site: Full-Bridge Type 1.) The equation of full-bridge 1 considers the tensile force and compressive force. As measuring strain for torque is also needed tensile force and compressive force, you can use the below equation about full-bridge. 
(In PXI-4220 User Manual, you can find the other equations such as full-bridge 2 or 3 equation.)
If you want to know how to attach sensors, please refer to Additional Information.

Additional Information

Chevron is typically for torque measurements. The two sensors are at a 90-degree angle to each other to create a chevron shape(V-shaped), twice.