Error -17300 in Calibration Executive When Running Procedure

Updated May 29, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-5172


  • Calibration Executive

Issue Details

I recently installed a patch to Calibration Executive, and I'm able to calibrate most of my hardware using the software without issue.  However, when I try to calibrate a PXIe-5172 scope(one of the devices the patch added support for), I see the following error message:

Error -17300 occurred at Parameter 'ProcModel in': The Object Reference is set to Nothing.

All of my other procedures that I've tried work correctly, why am I seeing this error?


Patches for Calibration Executive typically include bug fixes and support for new instruments.  Because these may require different versions of the NI hardware drivers, many Calibration Executive patches give instructions to update driver versions on top of installing the patch.  This error is likely because of an incorrect driver version.  Check the readme file for your Calibration Executive patch for information regarding required driver updates for a specific patch.