Cannot Connect to a MP300 Device

Updated Oct 12, 2021

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I cannot connect to my MP300 device. I cannot communicate with it using MP Manager.


You can check the status of the CPU LED after powering on the device, the LED should blink red & green for a few seconds then :
  • if the LED turns off, contact the technical support for alternative solutions
  • if the LED turns on red, apply the following procedure :
  1. At power-up, just after the main status led blinks red/green and just before the initialization time during which one the led stays red for a second, press the abort A push-button until the main status led becomes orange.
  2. Release the abort A push-button, the main status led should stay red. Repeat this step several time to be successful
  3. Launch MPUpdate software and select the correct *.dat file for the firmware used by the MP300 .
  4. Connect the device using RS232 serial communication and get to Firmware + Config tab.
  5. Force the flash of the boot version by double-clicking on the Boot tab.
  6. Force the flash of the system by double-clicking on the System tab.
  7. Get back to the Connection panel and disconnect the device.
  8. Quit MPUpdate and reboot the device.
  9. Connect the device by USB or TCP/IP and perform a complete firmware update.


Additional Information

Boot_mini procedure aim is to set the device in minimal configuration mode in order to reprogram the boot and system by remote control.
Remote control access is limited to the serial port (you have to use RJ12-DB9 serial cable).