Does PCIe-1473 Card Supports Windows 10?

Updated Apr 23, 2019

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  • PCIe-1473

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I would like to know if my frame Frame Grabber card (Specifically PCIe-1473) supports Windows 10. The user guide only mentions Windows 7, does that mean Windows 10 isn't supported? 


Although the user guide doesn't mention that Windows 10 is supported by the PCIe-1473 Card, NI-IMAQ Driver which is part of the Vision Acquisition Software is the driver for this card. 

Vision Acquisition Software 18.5 supports Windows 10 and therefore PCIe-1473 supports Windows 10 if it's used with this version of the Vision Acquisition Software (18.5). 

You can find this information in the Vision Acquisition Software 18.5 Readme file.