Files are not copied after installation in TestStand with the checkbox "Include without Processing Item or Dependencies"

Updated Apr 4, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I want to create an MSI-Based Installer using TestStand Deployment Utility.

I selected the source files and specify the installation folder as the destination, with the option “Include without Processing Item or Dependencies" (since there could be also TestStand sequences that I do not want to have analyzed).

TestStand Deployment Utility Configuration

The problem is that as soon as I select this option, the files in the created image are correct, but the files are not copied after installation.

Meaning that the "Distributed Files" (from Distributed Files tab) will not be included in the installer if all the files have the checkbox "Include without Processing Item or Dependencies" enabled.

How do I get any folder without analysis on my target system?


Checking the "Include without Processing Item or Dependencies" checkbox can place files in unexpected locations or not include them at all, because the dependencies are never being fully evaluated.

Deselecting the option for a single item in a deployment can cause the creation of the correct installer directory path for that item, and then the rest of the files will also end up there by default if their dependencies are not separately checked.


Additional Information

The "Include without Processing Item or Dependencies" checkbox on the Distributed Files tab  in the TestStand Deployment Utility is primarily for when you want to add a file to an installer without finding the dependencies. Checking this box also allows you to deploy LabVIEW files within the TestStand Deployment Utility without having the LabVIEW Application Builder.