How to Source Dynamic Waveform with Multiple Pins in Digital Pattern Editor

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • PXIe-6570
  • PXIe-6571
  • PXI Digital Pattern Instrument


  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver and Digital Pattern Editor

Currently, I am using Digital Pattern Editor for designing and bursting patterns with Digital Pattern Instrument such as 6570 and 6571. I want to make my instrument source vectors dynamically with several pins during the run-time. How can deal with the matter without defining static vectors in pattern files?

First of all, make PinGroup to bind multiple pins to one group. In .pinmap file, add PinGroup by clicking <Add Pin Groups Here> » Pin Group. Select specific pins you want to bind in the group.

Next, make new waveform file to source dynamically. You can make a new waveform file by Right-click in Project Files Navigation Pane » New » Source Waveform like below. For more details about options, refer to Source Waveform Configuration.

Lastly, click .digipat file and add PinGroup by right-click » Insert Pin Item Column » PinGroup. Add new vectors to source and change the symbol with 'D'. You have to make exact number of vectors with waveform files to source the exact waveform. For more details about state symbols, refer to Pattern Grid View

Finally, you can check dynamically sourced waveform by digital scope.