Converting String to XNET I/O Session in a Programmable Way

Updated Mar 11, 2021

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I want to select an XNET I/O signal session with string in a programmable way. How can I convert the string to XNET I/O session?


You can select XNET signal from the database if you write a string in a correct format, then you can convert string to XNET I/O using XNET String To IO
The name of NI-XNET signal is composed of 4 different parts, just as below:
  •     NI-XNET signal: CAN Frame name.CAN signal name/nXNET Database name.CAN cluster name

For XNET frames and clusters, names are made with the following syntaxes.
  •     NI-XNET frame: CAN Frame name\nXNET Database name.CAN cluster name
  •     NI-XNET cluster: XNET Database name.CAN cluster name

For example, if you want to choose CANCyclicSignal1 from NIXNET_example database file, you need to write a string as CANCyclicFrame1.CANCyclicSignal1/nNIXNET_eample.CAN_Cluster.

XNET String To IO is not in the function palette, so you have to copy that function for the usage from the NI-XNET shipping example Exploring Database with

Additional Information

If you refer to the NI-XNET shipping example Exploring Database with, you can verify that each signal from NIXNET_example is in that format in the Current Tag indicator.
In the example, the string from the Current Tag indicator is converted to XNET I/O session using a polymorphic function called XNET String To IO, which you can use for converting string to XNET I/O session.