Error 0xFFFB388D on my PXI Chassis

Updated Jan 12, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis


  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

When I open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and expand Devices and Interfaces see a red X along with the following error message on the General pane: 
Error: 0XFFFB388D - An error occurred getting the status information for the chassis. See National Instruments KnowledgeBase 5MEG2971.


There are two known issues that will cause a chassis to report status error 0xFFFB388D:
  • Incompatible Software Version: if your system uses the following software, update your RT target to the latest version of NI-VISA and PXI Platform Services.
    • NI-VISA between (versions 4.6 and 5.1) on the RT target
    • PXI Platform Services (version 2.5.2 or later) on the RT target
    • PXI Platform Services (version 3.0 or later) on the Windows host
    • LabVIEW Real-Time
  • Chassis EEPROM: there is a known issue with a very small number of chassis having an incorrect serial number written to their EEPROM. To fix this you can download System Configuration 5.3.3 .

    Additional Information

    Incompatible Software Versions: the error could occur if the version of PXI Platform Services on your host machine and the combination of the version of PXI Platform services and NI VISA on your RT target are not compatible. 

    Chassis EEPROM: The impact of using a chassis in this state is that MAX will report this error and you will not be able to manually reserve PXI Trigger lines through MAX as described in Routing PXI Trigger Lines Across the Buses of Multisegment PXI Chassis . All other functionality of the chassis will not be affected by this issue. 
    • To see if your chassis is affected by this issue you can use the System Configuration API with LabVIEW to read the serial number of the chassis. If a '?' appears in the serial number then this issue is affecting your chassis.
    • Alternatively you may continue using a chassis in this state if you do not require the ability to manually reserve PXI Trigger lines.
    Note: There is a small chance that NI will report a chassis in this state as No Trouble Found during repair however the serial number will be corrected in the chassis EEPROM during the testing process resolving the issue.