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Install 19.0 NI-DAQmx or NI-VISA Driver Runtime Engines

Updated Jan 13, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-DAQmx Runtime
  • NI-VISA 19.0

Issue Details

  • Is it possible to install only the runtime engine of a NI driver? 
  • I am trying to access the driver runtime, but all of the driver runtime options are greyed out.  Are driver runtimes still available, and if they are how do I access them?


Yes, driver runtimes are still available. They are now bundled and selectable within the full installer.

In order to select your runtime please follow the following steps:
  1. Select full on the 19.0 driver runtime version you wish to download.
  2. Download the Package Manager installer.
  3. On the Select tab of the installer  select the components you wish to install (shown below are examples for NI-DAQmx and NI-VISA in Figures 1 and 2)

Figure 1: NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support Selection.


Figure 2: NI-VISA .NET Runtime Selection.
  1. (Optional) If you are only interested in the runtime and nothing else, click Deselect All and then click next.
  2. On the Review tab, verify that the runtime support you need is being installed (shown below in figures 3 and 4).
Figure 3: NI-VISA Runtime Install Review.

Figure 4: NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support Install Review.
  1. Now select Next to install as usual.
  2. You now have the runtime of your driver installed on the system.

Additional Information

If you do not want to download the full driver, see How Can I Install Only the Runtime Engine of an NI Driver? for further options.

Alternatively, if you need to install the DAQmx 19.0 Runtime for deployment purposes, you can create an installer for your LabVIEW application and include the DAQmx 19.0 Runtime as a dependency for the installer. An installer will allow you to install the DAQmx 19.0 Runtime without the need for NI Package Manager on computers without internet access.