Error -2147220598 When Initialize Session VI is Run From Pharlap or VxWorks Target

Updated Apr 4, 2019

Reported In


  • System Configuration

Operating System

  • PharLap
  • VxWorks

Issue Details

When running the Initialize Session VI from the System Configuration palette on a Pharlap or VxWorks device, I receive an error -2147220598 with the following message:
The username or password is incorrect
I've checked, and I am using the correct password and username. Why am I receiving this error?


This behavior is a known issue when using NI System Configuration locally on Pharlap and VxWorks Real-Time targets with a non-default admin password. There are several options to resolve this behavior:
  • Initialize session does not require a user name or password when running locally on Pharlap and VxWorks¬†controllers. Simply do not use a user name and password for the Initialize Session VI inputs.
  • Do not use a non-blank admin user password.
  • Disable LabVIEW Project Access for the Real-Time device and then run the Initialize Session VI from a Host PC.
  • Use a NI Linux Real-Time device if you require a non-blank admin password.