Cannot Use Multiple Controller VXI System with NI-VXI

Updated Mar 29, 2019

Reported In


  • Controller for VXI


  • VXI Software


  • NI-VXI

Issue Details

I am using a single PC to control two VXI chassis.  Each VXI chassis has it's own slot 0 controller.  When I try to communicate with modules, I find that I can only communicate with one chassis or the other from my program.  I'm using the NI-VXI API to program the application and GetDevInfo() will only return information from one of the chassis.


The NI-VXI API only supports a single controller for a VXI system.  For a multiple controller system you must use the NI-VISA API to program your application.

Additional Information

If you need to use two chassis and the NI-VXI API, you can use a VXI extender to have a single controller for a two chassis system.