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Error -30000 When Configuring PXIe-4154 in Teststand Using IVI Power Supply Step

Updated Mar 29, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-4154


  • TestStand 2017


  • NI-DCPower 18.0

Issue Details

I am trying to configure NI power supply PXIe-4154 in Teststand using the IVI Power Supply step type. I am validating the settings in the Validate IVI Configuration window. However, whenever I click on Init and followed by Configure, I always get the following error:
The IVI Configure operation failed for logical name 'mySMU'.
Details: Invalid procedure call or argument

The card works fine, as I can still use the Soft front panel or Labview NI-DCPower VI's to control it without issue. How do I control it with the IVI Step in TestStand?


This issue is fixed in the NI-DCPower 18.5 driver version. Please update your driver to this version. 


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