Can I Use DIO Lines when Connecting SCXI with DAQ?

Updated Apr 19, 2019

Reported In


  • SCXI-1102
  • SCXI-1000
  • PCI-6221
  • SCXI-1346
  • SCXI-1349

Issue Details

I am collecting data connecting with the SCXI-1102 module in the SCXI-1000 chassis to the PCI-6221 DAQ board. I connected with SHC 68 Pin Cable and I want to use digital line. But when using Port0, I get unexpected result.
Is there any way to use Port0's digital line?


Refer to Rear Signal Connector Descriptions on SCXI-1102 Manual 2-8 page.
The communication signals between the DAQ device and the SCXI system are listed in Table 2-4. If the DAQ device is connected to the SCXI-1102/B/C, these digital lines are unavailable for general-purpose digital I/O.
As shown in Table 2-4, Port0.(0,1,2,4) Line is not used for DIO Line and can not be used as general purpose digital line.
Use a different port.

Additional Information

If you are using SCXI-1346 or 1349, please refer to Related Links.