Configure Agilent B2901a to Read 4-Wire Resistance Measurements

Updated May 2, 2023



  • LabVIEW


  • Keysight B2900 Series Driver


  • Agilent B2901a Precision Source/Measure Unit

I am trying to use my Agilent B2901a with a 4-wire resistance connection but I can't get LabVIEW to tell my device to use the 4-wire configuration (also known as remote sense or Kelvin connection).

To be able to read a 4-wire resistance measurement, Remote Sensing needs to be enabled on the Agilent B9201a.  You can do this in LabVIEW by using the Enable Remote Sensing VI that comes with the Plug and Play Agilent B2900 Series Driver .  Once installed, the VI can be found by right clicking the block diagram of the VI to open the Functions palette >> Instrument I/O >> Instr Drivers >> Agilent B2900 Series >> Action Status >> Enable Remote