Which Analog Input Channels Can I Use in Connector 0 of the TB-4309 (MT)?

Updated Mar 27, 2019

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  • TB-4309
  • PXIe-4309

Issue Details

I have a PXIe-4309 with terminal block TB-4309 (MT). 
I want to acquire from the same connector, which analog input channels are on connector 0? 


Based on the PXIe-4309 Pinout , the analog input channels when using the TB-4309 (MT) in connector 0 are AI0, AI1, AI8, AI9, AI16, AI17, AI24 and AI25. 
Note.- Analog input channels from connector 0 uses ADC 0 and ADC 1.

Additional Information

The PXIe-4309 has 8 independent signal conditioning paths and ADCs, enabling simultaneous sampling of up to eight input channels. Each ADC can scan through four independent input channels up to an aggregate sample rate of 400 kS/s.
he mapping of input channels to ADCs is shown as following:


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