IVI Compliance Package Will Not Install

Updated Jul 11, 2019

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  • IVI Compliance Package

Issue Details

I am trying to install IVI Compliance Package to use my instrument with LabWindows/CVI code, but during the installation, it does not give me the option to install it and states that it is "incompatible with products already installed". My application hangs at functions from this driver.


  • This can be repaired by running an installation of the IVI driver for your instrument found on the Instrument Driver Network on our website.
  • Alternatively, try to install a higher version of IVI Compliance Package (e.g. 18.0 instead of 17.0)

Additional Information

This can occur due to an improper or incomplete installation of IVI driver. Copying over only the .h and .c files belonging to the driver from one computer to another is usually not sufficient for IVI driver simulation.


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