NIVeriStandSignalProbes Block Missing From Simulink

Updated Aug 13, 2018

Issue Details

I upgraded to a newer version of VeriStand. Why is the NIVeriStandSignalProbes block now missing in Simulink?


In NI VeriStand 2015 and newer, there is no longer a way to access submodel values. To obtain these values, they should be passed to top level model in Simulink and then can be accessed by VeriStand as inports or outports. There is also the option to mark as test point (probe), seeĀ Understanding How NI VeriStand Imports Models from The MathWorks, Inc. SimulinkĀ® Software for more information.

Additional Information

NIVeriStandSignalProbes block was deprecated in VeriStand 2015 and later due to changes that were necessary to keep Simulink and VeriStand interacting successfully.


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