Use the PXIe-PCIe8398 With a Low Profile PCIe Setup

Updated Aug 13, 2018

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  • PCIe-8398

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I have a PCIe8398 that I need to use in a low profile setup with my computer. Is this available and how do I change it?


The PCIe-8398 is compatible with Low-Profile setups. To install the PCIe-8398 in a host computer that requires a low-profile height card, you must replace the front bracket with the low-profile bracket included with your kit. Learn more about this feature in the product's manual: MXI-Express Gen-3 x16 User Manual

Additional Information

Review the document What Is a Low-Profile PCI Card? to learn more about this configuration.


Also take into account that the PXIe-PCIe8398 uses 16 lanes of communication, which will require a PCIe x16 slot in your computer.


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