Using the BNC-2110 for Analog Output

Updated Aug 13, 2018

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  • BNC-2110

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I am using a BNC-2110 with my Data Acquisition card, and I need to know how to wire the Analog Out terminals for my device. Do they need to be FS (Floating signal) or GS (Grounded signal) when outputting a signal?


Use the BNC-2110 BNC connectors on the front panel to connect AO <0..7> signals to your DAQ device. The number of connectors you use depends on your DAQ device and application. E/M/S Series DAQ devices can only use the AO <0..1> BNCs. AO Series DAQ devices can use the AO <0..1> and the AO <2..7> BNCs. Refer to your DAQ device documentation for information about the use of these signals.

Additional Information

  • For AO Series Devices Only: When using connectors AO <2..7>, you must move the associated FS/GS switch(es) to the FS position.
  • When using the BNC-2110 with Connector 1 of NI 6229/6259/6289 devices, the AO BNCs on the BNC-2110 map to the AO channels on the M Series device.


Please review the BNC-2110 Installation Guide for more information regarding the device's ports.


Additionally, check the Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for Analog Signals to learn more about grounding sensors and signals.